Living in Cornwall with the Cornish countryside on our doorstep it's hard not to be passionate about the natural world, the environment and how we want to leave it for future generations. 

We are constantly researching and evolving our best sustainable practices and adopting new ones as we learn them. We don’t use plastic in the manufacture or shipping of our products. So much plastic doesn’t get recycled and inevitably ends up in landfill, so we avoid its use altogether. 

Plant Wax

To make our candles we use soy wax which is harvested from the renewable crop of the soya-bean plant. (Our wax is not sourced from South America) It is more eco-friendly, sustainable and clean-burning, meaning it burns without soot or toxic emissions. Unlike many petroleum-based paraffin candles, it’s completely natural, free from GM materials, biodegradable, vegan and cruelty-free. 

Our suppliers

Wherever possible we source our supplies as locally as we can. We use local florists, designers, box makers, potters, and print houses which are all based in Cornwall. Anything not possible to source in Cornwall we try to source in the UK to reduce our carbon footprint and support the local economy.


Packaging fragile products can be a tricky business especially when there is no plastic bubble wrap involved. We take the time to research the most sustainable packaging available even though this is often more costly.

Business cards – Are made from unbleached paper stock made from de-inked post-consumer waste, certified by FSC®. Made in an industry-leading mill to strict ISO 14001 standards for environmental management. 

Postal packaging – We use paper tape and boxes are made from recycled cardstock which can easily be recycled again. Wherever possible we reuse postal packaging received from other suppliers. 

Candle jars – Are made from recycled glass which can be recycled. They are topped with lids made from aluminium which is a material that can be infinitely recycled. We don’t use plastic lids to seal our candles. 

Void fillers – Are made from biodegradable foam nuggets using non-GM potato starch. They can dissolve in water or be popped in the compost.

Organic cotton bags – Are GOTS-certified organic cotton meaning they have been harvested from raw materials through environmentally responsible manufacturing processes. 

Refill Service

We are also proud to offer a refill service, encouraging the circular lifecycle of our glass jars.

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