Founded in 2019 by Sinead, inspired by beautiful Cornwall, slow-living and sustainability.

I have always grown up around fragrance in all forms, whether incense, oils, melts or candles. My Grandmother used to run her own skincare business and there was nothing her comfrey cream couldn’t fix! Surrounded by her lotions and potions, I would watch her potter around her little studio. This must have subconsciously rubbed off on me because there is nothing I like to do more than potter around my studio smelling, mixing, blending, and experimenting.

Candle making is perhaps one of the most technical, complicated, frustrating, rewarding things I have ever learnt to do! It really is a skill; I still learn things even after all these years of doing it. It takes months (quite literally) to finalise a new candle and involves testing the wax, numerous different wicks, the blend, and the fragrance load. Even the temperature of the room can affect a batch. But once I land on the final recipe it's a bit of a eureka moment!

What Our Customers Say

So delighted with my La Luna candles.

Love your gift ideas.


It is well understood that scent is a personal experience and can sometimes be hard to choose, especially when ordering fragrance online.

To help, we offer scent test swatches of our range, just pop a note in with your order and let us know which scents you would like to try.

“Living in Cornwall with the Cornish countryside on our doorstep, we are passionate about the natural world, the environment and how we want to leave it for future generations.”

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