Inspired by the wonderful Cornish landscape and a deep love for the nature that surrounds us. Our fragrances are designed to sooth, comfort and bring a little bit of joy to your space.

We hand craft our candles in small batches from scratch in our studio based in rural Cornwall. Our eco-friendly wax is harvested from the renewable crop of the soya-bean plant. Unlike many petroleum-based paraffin candles, it’s completely natural, free from GM materials, biodegradable, vegan and cruelty-free. 

Letterpress Printed Luxury Matches

Luxury letterpress matches made in the UK using a vintage windmill press.

Perfect for lighting fires and hard to reach wicks. Beautiful designs which complement our candles. Made from sustainably sourced wood. Approx. 125 light pink matches in each box.

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  • Rachael

    "Candles arrived today, thank you so much. Also just seen your refill service, fabulous idea"

  • Victoria

    "Absolutely love your Sea Salt and Oakmoss candle, bought one for Mum and treated myself also"

  • Sienna

    "These are the best candles and diffusers out there. Let me know if you are ever doing a workshop, would love to learn more.

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